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Want some extra cleaning jobs this holiday season?

We’re offering great new deals for Pay-Per-Click advertising. Choose from 3 Google Ads Management options.

Google Ads

$ 200 Monthly
(No Setup Fee)
  • Premium Landing Page Management
  • Monthly monitoring
  • Keyword Research and maintenance
  • Improvement and modification of ads and landing pages
  • Custom Ad text creation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Targeted ads

Google Ads

$ 100 Monthly
($200 First Month)
  • Limited Landing page management
  • Monthly monitoring
  • Improvement and modification of ads and landing pages
  • Keyword Research and maintenance
  • Custom Ad text creation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Targeted ads

HB Carpet Cleaning
Google Ads

$ 75 Monthly
($150 First Month)
Best Value

The above pricing is for management only. Please plan on a minimum of $300 a month for the ad fees to Google.

We will evaluate the results. Some competitive areas might need a higher budget.

EZ-NetTools is a Certified Google Partner

Term Explanations

Landing Pages

What’s a landing page, and why do I need one?

Unlike a homepage (which may present lots of offers) a landing page has a single call-to-action.

Why? Because it’s works!

This focused approach results in fewer distractions and better keyword optimization.  The bottom line?  You pay less for each click, and a higher percentage of visitors contact you.

Driving traffic straight to your homepage, is considered bad practice as it usually results in higher pay-per-click costs and lower conversions.

Auto Updating “Sandwich” Landing Page

These pages allow content to be edited from a central location and automatically distributed to all participating landing pages. 

This allows us to distribute the cost of management among all members of the group, making this an incredibly cost effective solution.

The top and bottom of the page will contain franchise-and-keyword-specific information.

The central portion of the website (that is automatically updated) contains sales and marketing information that is universal.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is experimenting with 2 versions of a landing page to determine which has a higher conversion rate.

This is helpful because sometimes small differences can make the difference between failure and success.

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